My First Youtube Video!

I figured that it’s time to start doing some things that scare me – and this really fucking scares me.

Just over a year ago I was jobless, living in a city away from my friends and family and I was pretty bored most of the time. I had been blogging for just over a month and decided that I would take it a step further and film a YouTube video. I filmed the video, edited the footage and then deleted the whole thing and tried to erase the memory from my brain forever.

Now I am jobless, but I’m home with my friends and family. I’m not really bored anymore, I’ve been pretty busy since leaving work and so much has happened. I want to challenge myself, and not give a shit what people think about me or my decisions. I knew exactly what I wanted to do to get myself out of my own comfort zone.

Whilst Dan was working I dug out my tripod, popped my camera on charge and tried to find inspiration through videos that I like to watch online. I decided on makeup, because I’m obsessed and genuinely enjoy it so so much. I’ve hardly worn makeup in weeks so my face was a blank canvas and I was buzzing. I set up my tripod and camera, plugged it into the telly so I could see what I was doing and quickly skimmed through my ‘Nikon D3200 For Dummies’ book to find the key settings that I needed.

It took me hours to edit and perfect, and I almost deleted it a few times. But I kept myself focused and here it is! I hope you enjoy and I’d appreciate all of the feedback!💕





4 thoughts on “My First Youtube Video!

  1. Tracie says:

    Good filming Beth….critique coming now…ready? Lol. Make it a little slower and get some words up saying what your doing and what products your recommending. Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s going on in the video and a bit of documentary goes a long way. Xxx


    • bethinthebath says:

      Thank you for the feedback Tracie, I totally agree:) I was going to talk but got a little camera shy lol! All of the products that I used are in the description box. Maybe next time I’ll be a little braver, we shall see! xxx


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