Girl Talk

It was International Women’s Day on Wednesday and it got me thinking about the most important and influential women in my life.

My Mum

The woman who brought me into this world and taught me everything I’ve ever needed to know about life and love. She raised myself and my sisters single-handedly and did a bleddy good job of it. She was someone who deserved to die aged 100 years old as an old lady sleeping in her bed. She taught me how to stand up for myself, how it’s okay to be different and, most importantly, she taught me how to be a good person.

IMG_8134 (1).jpg

My Gran

My Gran is the rock of our family. No matter what life throws at her she will always remain strong for the rest of us. She’s taught me how to plait, how to iron and how to be calm but badass at the same time. She always says that she’s 18 years old inside and I truly believe that she might be. She’s more than a Grandmother, she a best friend. She brings so much light to so many people and she truly is young at heart.

2015-08-08 14.41.03

My Sisters

Growing up with two older sisters was both a blessing and a curse. I was always being treated as ‘the baby’, and still am now at 21. We would always wind each other up and bicker constantly. But they have big hearts and we have a lot of love for one another. Having sisters is like having best friends that you can fight with and then cuddle up on the sofa with like nothing ever happened – every single day.

Dan’s Mum

Meeting the parents is always a scary thing. There’s always so much negative┬ástuff to be said about Mother-In-Laws but I’ve been very lucky. I get on with Dan’s Mum so so well, she has always been so down to earth and welcoming. As well as being all-round fab she is also one tough cookie. She’s a wonderful Mum, Granny and hopefully one day (officially) my Mum-In-Law.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 17.14.09

My Best Friends

I only have a small handful of close friends and I’m so glad! My bestest friends know me so so well; I’d rather have it that way than having lots of friends that don’t really know me. They’re always there, good times and bad. I can be myself around them and we do weird stuff, eat loads of food and talk about pretty much anything. Love love love you guys!!



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