Being A Cat Owner

I’ve been a cat owner for 4 weeks! Here’s the story so far…

We adopted Jaffa from Cats Protection on the 15th February, a day after my 21st birthday. We had spent time with him on two occasions prior to adopting him. He was quite shy but came out of his bed and let us stroke him when we bribed him with Dreamies. He had been in there for about 6 weeks and was taken there as his previous owner had other cats and he’s happier being solitary.

He’s a fluffy black cat with greeny-yellow eyes. He likes a bit of fuss sometimes but he definitely isn’t a lap cat. He is estimated 10 years old and we are currently keeping him indoors although he may go outside in the future.


When we took him home he meowed the whole way. He went mad when we let him out into the flat and jumped on top of our kitchen cupboards and refused to come down. After a long time he came down and  chose to hide in the bathroom. We put all of his things in there and checked on him regularly. He used the bath as his bed and let us come in and stroke him and he even jumped up onto my lap at one point with a little purr.

He stayed mostly in the bathroom for a couple of days but did have a quick look in the living room occasionally. He came out of his shell pretty quickly considering how shy he can be. After a few more days he was parading our flat as if he owned it.


When he first started to explore the kitchen he would jump up onto the countertops a lot but rarely does it now. He has also discovered the hamster and they have been nose to nose on a couple of occasions but he hasn’t tried to harm her. We still don’t allow him to jump up next to the cage – just in case! He’s had a brief look at the fish too but doesn’t seem too interested.

He can be a little feisty sometimes, but will give you a warning before he uses his claws – as Dan found out! He will give you a little smack of his paw or a nibble to tell you that he’s had enough. Sometimes he’s being playful, sometimes he definitely means it.

He always sleeps in our bedroom and sometimes on our bed if he’s feeling a little soppy. He lets us know when he wants breakfast and usually gets it on demand.

Although he can be a grumpy little cat, I have so so so much love for him! He makes me laugh every single day, he gives me an occasional cuddle (if I’m very lucky) and scratches a post and not the carpet YAY!!



I want to say a huge thank you to all of the staff at Cats Protection Cornwall for being incredibly helpful and giving us copious amounts of information and advice. Most importantly thank you for giving cats like Jaffa a chance to be truly happy – it is such a wonderful thing!






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