Beth In The Bath

I’ve always loved a good bath. I’m in the bath right now actually! It’s not my typical blogging place but I felt a wave of inspiration and I need to write…

We didn’t get a shower installed until I left primary school. I remember being on Year 6 camp and being so confused trying to set the right temperature in the shower – I’m pretty sure I settled for lukewarm in the end. Even when I stayed at my Gran’s house I always had a bath, and I still did a couple of years ago when I stayed with her.

A bath is a place to think, relax, read, cry, laugh and so much more. It’s rarely a place where I don’t want to be. I remember being about 10 years old and coming in from the snow, Mum put me in a bath which was just a little warm, but it felt like it was scolding my body. That was one of the few times that I didn’t enjoy bathing.

My first blog name was Beth In The Bath and it was very fitting at the time. I was working in Lush and my first ever blog posts were about my experiences working there and some reviews and hauls. I changed the name due to my blog becoming more lifestyle based. I don’t work for Lush anymore and I can’t afford to buy too much from them anymore without having my half price discount.

One thing I find hard to part with is my bath bomb collection. I have many of them from when I worked for Lush and I feel bad using them. I keep some on display and some tucked away in my bathroom cupboard. The ones that I show off are usually ones that I’ve bought or have been gifted. The ones that I hide are reject bath bombs that I got for free – perks of the job!

Last Easter I bought a Humpty Dumpty bath bomb and it’s been living with my special bath bombs ever since. About a week ago I moved him and he broke in half and exposed the surprise that hid beneath his shell. Whilst struggling to decide which ugly bath bomb I was going to use tonight I peeked into my basket of beautiful bath friends. I thought about how I tend to use these ones on special occasions, but by that time they’re usually crumbly and sink to the bottom with no spectacular show.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 21.44.22

Today isn’t a birthday, it’s not been an amazing day full of wonderful memories that I will cherish, and it’s definitely not Christmas Eve. But although today has been a little less than average, it has taught me that every day deserves a special bath bomb. Because every single person who is reading this is here on this earth, living their life and constantly making memories. To me, that is the most wonderful thing. So yes, I used Humpty Dumpty – and he makes a bleddy wonderful bath!




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