Let It Snow

I didn’t believe the weather forecast a few days ago but it really did snow!! And I’ve had the best couple of days EVER❄️

It started yesterday morning (28/02/18) on my day off from work. People were panicking about the weather and I just rolled my eyes. But snow started to fall – it was quite heavy too! I grabbed my camera and started taking photos of the birds in next door’s garden. It all looked so pretty and the snow started to settle.

little birdlittle bird 2

Dan and I went out for a walk after I pulled layers of clothes on frantically. I was so scared that it might stop because it’s my favourite weather and I just wanted to feel the crunch of snow and ice under my shoes.

The snow fell heavier and heavier when we were walking and we decided to walk to Dan’s mum’s house in Lanner to play in the snow with our nephews. It was a chilly 1.5 mile walk but it was so fun!


On the walk back we wandered through old mining trails and looked over the fields where I used to play on rare snow days when we were all younger. It felt even colder on the way back but it was worth it for the nostalgia.


Today (01/03/18) it snowed a bit later in the day and it’s still falling now as I’m writing this! I knew that I couldn’t risk taking my car into work so I stayed home. We wrapped up again and I made a mini snowman in our back garden while Dan collected firewood for this evening.


We let Jaffa out for the first time just so he could experience the snow and he left the most precious paw prints (literally almost cried).

Later in the day we went on another adventure and made a slightly larger snowman in the front garden. He didn’t turn out how we wanted but I kinda like him. His name is Wilson.


I’ve had the best couple of days in such a long time. Snow always has been and always will be my favourite weather. Thank you to the “Beast from the East”, Storm Emma and everything else that contributed to these amazing snow days. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long til next time💙





One thought on “Let It Snow

  1. Antidote says:

    Even the snowflakes on the gloves are shaped like a snowflake that you can only see in cartoons ^_^
    Looks like you had a lot of fun. Hope that every day it is as much as joyful as this one 🙂
    Have a nice weekend,
    Antidote 🙂


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